Inspiring Balcony Design Ideas

Most people never use the balcony for their intended purpose. In many cases, they have been closed with windows rather than remaining open for fresh air. A considerable part of balconies is useful for storage or other unnatural uses like an extension of the home or apartment.

There are plenty of ideas which act as the beginning of decorating a balcony; most of them being DIY projects. The best balcony designs require more than just putting out a few tables and chairs outside; a lot of forethought and planning are necessary in transforming the entire balcony to a place where you can prefer to spend most of your time.

Designing the balcony of your apartment mainly depends on your personal choice. However, there are some aspects to consider like proportion; it refers to how two objects relate to each other in terms of space. With that in mind, assess the size of your entire balcony and the furniture and make sure that the furniture will be appropriate. If you are short on square footage, choose thinner furniture because they work best. Proportion works well if you have a small balcony.

Layering is vital in finishing off any design. In any balcony space, achieve this by using numerous textiles. Alternatively, add an outdoor rug, throw in some pillows or a blanket. Lighting is an essential component that contributes to making space feel warm and more like home. Better options are string lights or standing outdoor lights in case you do not want to spend more by installing permanent outdoor lighting.

If you want to enjoy your early morning breakfast from the balcony, add a chair and a small café table. Purchase one which can fold up very quickly for storage inside when necessary. A built*in bench seating enables you to maximize the space on your square footage; the advantage with this method of balcony design is that you will not have to ever worry about the high winds knocking over your furniture or sending it flying.

Greenery will beautify your balcony and leave it smelling good as its appearance. Fill your balcony with several planters that contain lush plants to give out a reflection of the backyard you have always wanted.

A cost-effective decoration idea for outdoor furniture is using comfortable and colorful floor pillows which can be used inside as well. Brighten the look of your balcony with patterned rugs or runners. Choose one that will outshine other elements. Utilize your wall space adequately by hanging planters and some weather-resistant art to make the balcony appear like another part of your apartment.

Install sconces or outdoor pendant. Lighting is vital for the balcony to set different moods during the night; get plenty of light for a late-night hang-out with your family and friends. If you are renting, choose outdoor lanterns and string lights.

Despite your location in the city, add a hammock or a chair for that laid-back vibe. Doing this will give your balcony a vacation feel. For a smaller balcony or any other that is short on space, try out folding furniture to tuck them away when you are not using them. A folding table will free up more floor space.

Consider a spot for cocktails for a happy hour outside. For extra seating, add poufs topped with trays or a coffee table with low chairs to create a space for catching up as you see the world passing by below. Despite limited space, there will always be space for some flowers; create room for planters along the railing along the balcony to beautify your view and enhance your home’s curb appeal. To get a spot to recline, a lounge chair or an outdoor daybed is all you require for a restful retreat; to soak up in the sun or curl up with your book, make things extra comfortable by adding some outdoor pillows.

Privacy is paramount, especially when your balcony is next to your neighbor’s. Plants can add privacy; for example, the bamboo plants are excellent in creating a high wall. Hang bamboo shades which can be able to lower or raise as required. Add some shade to shield yourself against the weather, whether it is shining or raining; a retractable awning will provide the shade you need.