Hallway Decorating Ideas

The foyer of most households is among the most neglected places in the home. Most of the times, it is the dumping site for coats, keys, shoes, post, and every other general apparatus that you may garb just when you are leaving the house. However, it is the first space guests see as they enter your home; it, therefore, requires effort and time to make sure your hallway stands out instantly. The ultimate color on the floors and the walls should be a neutral shade to bring about a feeling of space and light; for additional enhancements, add some decorative flowers, artwork, and ornaments. There is always something that fits all styles with the hallway design ideas. For more ideas about decorating the hallway, this article mentions quite a number.


Choose neutrals for space-enhancing color schemes

Create an image that portrays an airy, bright space if you are interested in a small hallway; choose a neutral color scheme. Boost natural lighting by placing a large mirror, white walls, and include any furniture that will blend in with the rest of the design if you prefer a spacious but a minimalist-inspired hallway. Find out additional tips to lighten your dark hallway.


Choose large repeat print for a maximalist hallway

If you are after a design that will make a bold statement in your hallway, it may be useful to consider matching patterns with an adjacent room. Alternatively, you can combine a bright, patterned wallpaper with a hallway lampshade, rug, and any other furnishings which are appealing at first sight; this is a perfect idea for an on-trend maximalist look.


The most crucial factor to remember in this regard is no matter how large the repeat patterns are; the tones are similar for a relaxed feel. If the walls were marked or scuffed, a popular option would be the painted walls since they are more comfortable to touch up in case of any marks. However, hallway wallpaper is more trendy currently; pick any subtle print or pattern that will improve the appearance without being so overwhelming.


Pick contrasting colors for more depth to the hallway

Diversify your choice of colors by sprinkling darker shades amongst a lighter scheme that is if you want interest and extra depth to an entrance. If you are concerned about a more dark color being too much for a narrow space, add a row of spotlights or pendant to bring an illusion of a lighter and longer space. For example, a great choice would be grey and deep sage green, both colors being popular options.


Fuse color with accent features

If you prefer the idea of playing about with bright colors but cannot commit to the entire hallway, think about including a bright shade to your space together with a bold accent feature. It could be a colorful console table, a stylish runner, or painted risers.


Pick vintage wallpapers

For a period feel, wallpapers that are vintage-inspired always work wonders; they are a timeless addition, especially where there is abundant natural light. Surprisingly, elaborate repeat-patterns will form a partially more subtle finish compared to larger prints.


Stylish geometric floors for a contemporary feel

If you want to develop both a sleek and modern feel to the hallway, think about investing on geometric floor tiles that are currently trending. The geometric designs usually create some illusion of space, and it adds to a neutral color scheme. Add some recommendable furniture mid-century if you do not want your hallway to feel so modern.


Storage solutions

If you are after improving functional hallway storage solutions, look for options which are visually attractive and practical as well. An example of aesthetic improvements to your hallway is an appealing coat stand and a stylish hallway bench, an elegant runner, artwork, and house plants.