The Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

A bigger kitchen does not always mean a better kitchen. Efficiency in the kitchen is the most crucial factor, and surprisingly, small kitchens prove to have better workspaces than bigger ones. Besides, large kitchens are not the only ones that can benefit from good designs; what is vital is having some useful ideas on how to decorate a small kitchen to keep the space appealing, functional, and well-organized.

The article highlights several small-kitchen decorating ideas and great design solutions that will make a significant makeover. The most common issues with small kitchens are clutter, insufficient counter space, and a kitchen that has dim lighting.

Clutter is what happens when there is not enough storage. In most cases, more room is not the permanent solution; what it takes is a simplifying and proper organization of the kitchen. It is advisable to check the drawers and cabinets especially for any extra items and either toss them or donate in case you have not used it in a while, or you do not plan on using them anymore. Think and analyze if you need some tools; after cleaning up the cabinets, proceed to take away any items which cause visual clutter on the cabinets.

It is ubiquitous to encounter a situation where you feel you need more space on the counter even after reclaiming a bit of counter space. The article will mention some tips for adding or also maximizing more counter space for a small kitchen.

Despite the color, good lighting undoubtedly makes a kitchen appear bigger; on the contrary, dark rooms seem smaller. Look for a light shade when you considering a fresh coat of paint for brightening up your walls. Besides, there is also an option of introducing various types of lighting. For instance, to lighten up the accent of your cabinets and the working area choose under-cabinet lighting. Some lighting ideas area replacing old light fixtures, adding strips of LED lights under the cabinets and on shelves to brighten the counter space; all you need to do is peel, stick, and plugin. Moreover, you can have the latest energy-efficient model replace the incandescent light bulbs, add mirrors to a kitchen wall or a mirrored backsplash for reflecting light or choose pendant lights which are typically punched on track-lighting systems to enhance the lighting in your room.

Using pot racks is one of the many decorating ideas you can implement effortlessly in a small kitchen. It will be highly unlikely for small kitchens to have adequate space for more massive pot racks, but smaller areas will be available. Pot racks need not hang from the ceiling; others can be mounted on the wall.

Another effective option to deal with limited counter space is the use of wall storage. This form of arrangement is mostly utilized by the big and busiest restaurant kitchens; they have some particular type of industrial hardware and racks placed on the wall for storing utensils. Some brilliant ideas of storing tools and appliances on the wall are using wall magnets to store spice jars and knives, paint and mount a pegboard for hanging your tools; classify the items according to the color or their use. Another viable option is to hang racks for utensils; all you need is a small bar with some hooks to hold items with a hole or loop with them. Baskets can hang on the rack for holding smaller items.

Hideaway some piece of furniture in the kitchen. This is a creative technique to maximize the usefulness of a small kitchen. Discover other ways to develop a multifunctional space with furniture items which are operative but can easily be kept out of the way; several ideas include roll-out kitchen tables and cabinets, backless bar stools to tuck away, wall-mounted tables, drop-down or cutting boards.
Make room for additional shelving for extra storage. The kitchen island can have a row of narrow shelves; a great modification for cookbooks. Check for other places like over the counter and certain corners.

For uncluttered kitchen counters, modern ceramic cooktops have a design that allows you t place items like a cooking board on it when it is not in use. They are low-profile and electric with a sleek design; they can blend in with the counters. Purchase a cooktop cover in case you have a gas range; whenever the stove is not in use, you can safely work on it. Some are available in wood butcher block designs. Additional counter space is sometimes provided for by a cart or a rolling butcher block. Choose the design with wheels; alternatively, add some wheels to allow you to wheel it out when not in use and for an instant breakfast bar, add some simple stools to the rolling butcher block.

Moving away from the counter, there are more ways to decorate the kitchen for a perfect mix and match beautifully. Modifying the wall, for instance, will make an outstanding visual impact. However, most people focus on cooking appliances and gadgets only to ignore the walls. Adding fresh color to the walls is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest method of updating a kitchen. Curating the kitchen wall and incorporating a focal point is a starting point too; remarkable foal points capture your attention in an instant when you enter the kitchen. Choose a patterned or textural wallpaper, paint the focal wall with a bright shade, or put a ravishing piece of art on the wall.

A gallery wall for the kitchen wall is an excellent technique. You can portray your personality with the gallery wall collections you choose. It is widespread with magazines and designers, and they will revamp a boring wall. Collect some favorite objects for the kitchen wall d├ęcor. For a more significant impact, include frame album covers, fabric swatches or framed wallpaper, baskets, vintage dishes, some mirrors, antique or vintage empty frames in different sizes and shapes. There are no strict rules that govern, creating a gallery wall. Any freestyle design is acceptable. Chalkboard paint is another fast-rising kitchen decorating idea; black is preferable since it is a perfect backdrop for the ever-changing chalk art.