Inspirational Living Room Design Ideas

The living room décor just like your grooming style goes beyond being tidy and neat. There should be an individual feel and a specific look. The living room décor must have an ambiance that mainly reflects your vision, personality, and interests. Treat your living room as your own canvas irrespective of whether you love to host get-togethers; you like lounging in comfort, you are a socialite or a homebody. Your living room is the main area where you will have to spend quality time with your guests or alone while you relax. Put in extra effort to express yourself through your living room décor.

There are some components that will not miss in any living room — for instance, the couch, accent furniture, and the TV. The sofa should be just the right size and comfortable enough to accommodate everyone in the family and make the space pop with accent furniture. Your unique personality and the pieces you collect will make your living room different from the others. For a dream living room, the article mentions some living room decoration ideas below.


Finding the perfect coach is the centerpiece of any dream living room. The right coach should go together with the right color; it will be tempting for you to choose a bold color, after all, everyone will be looking at the piece. Good couches are not cheap; therefore, it will be among the most significant investments in your home. Settle for the best and will love it for years to come.

Neutral colors will allow you to change the mood of the room without necessarily buying a new couch. What you need are some throw pillows that will make your giant coach blend effortlessly with any theme. Choose a design with staying power by striking a balance between classic and exciting; this ensures your room comes to shape. A striking, square sectional sofa will make it irresistible to plop down.

Wall art

The wall art in your living room is a great chance to show off your personality and have some fun. You might prefer an open and bright feel to your living room area. If that is the case, an oversized art will go well with the prominent walls; choose only one wall that will correctly reflect light and make space feel brighter plus an exciting design element.

Alternatively, a gallery wall will add some personal flair in the living room. When putting together a gallery wall, include photos and paintings that have some personal meaning; it could be an item that is thought-provoking like black and white images, mounted sculptural elements, or an abstract art piece. A large piece may anchor the layout, or you can think about including a floating ledge to serve as an anchor in case you do not want to spotlight a single piece.

Do not settle for any art simply because you feel the need of placing something on your walls. You are working to build a dream living room; therefore, wait for something that will speak to you. Being surrounded by art will make your dream living room an enjoyable place to spend more time.

Coffee table

A living room will never be complete with no coffee table to place drinks, some décor, or books. In an ideal living room, the coffee table acts as a piece of décor. Look for one which will add some level of interest to your room.

Sofa or accent color loveseat

You may prefer a traditional approach for your primary coach color but for more fun pieces, choose a sofa or an accent loveseat. Examples are a luxurious velvet sofa or a jewel-toned sofa a bold, patterned upholstery can also work wonders. A piece of accent furniture is a way to show off your preferences, so pick a piece that will stand out.

Affordable Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Decorating your home and adding a personal touch may seem tedious. Nevertheless, it does not need to be a costly process. With the decorating and styling tips mentioned in this article, you will discover several affordable ways for transforming your living room on a budget.

Look for alternatives to expensive furniture.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the best piece of furniture; in fact, the best will provide the ultimate look and experience. However, this item will not be very friendly to your pocket; designer furniture is costly. A good alternative exists since other popular chairs can replace the designer furniture; the advantage is you get the entire chairs for half the price, and they still look good. It is, therefore, a great idea to look out for other alternatives which are less costly, especially when it concerns new dining table chairs. In case you are interested in a specific style, go for an expensive table but save on chairs; you can paint or pattern the chairs to blend in with your desired taste for an exquisite look.

Revitalize your walls
It is not a requirement to spend a lot in renewing your walls for a better look. With that in mind, most artwork specially designed for the walls is expensive; another substitute you can examine is planning a personal picture wall. For a classy, elegant look with a vintage feel add some mix and match frames. For an expensive look opt for the brass, gold, or wood frames.

Change the cushions
This particular decorating idea is beneficial, especially if you cannot afford to change the old sofas for brand new ones. It will be so easy to modify the existing look of your room by merely changing the cushions. On a tight budget, you can give your living room a completely new look with decorative pillows; they are the most ideal for decorating since the styles and the colors of cushions can vary with seasons. Even with little means, follow modern trends to provide the furnishings in your home versatility and brilliance with new cushions.

Include mirrors in your decoration
Mirrors bring in a more refined look. Incorporating them in your decorations is less expensive and the best alternative to expensive artwork; it is an unconventional method but be sure of elegance when you use mirrors. They make the room look larger and brighter because of their light-reflecting abilities. You do not need the usual interior design; try something different like extraordinary wall decorations contrary to the ordinary pictures on a wall.

Allow for exclusivity
Numerous ideas can work to bring in exclusivity in the interior. A prime example of an affordable decorating idea is using fax furs all over the living room. Furs are outstanding and they do not cost a fortune at all. You have many options, for example, you can place a faux cushion on a chair, a faux fur rug on the floor, on the reading nook, like blankets, on accent pillows and many other ways. There are plenty of DIY tips that will provide your room for an expensive look.

Pick appropriate lighting
The appropriate lighting for the living room area does not necessarily need to be from a costly ceiling lamp. Most people make that mistake of not thinking about the type of light they want the new lamp to give off before purchasing it. Quite several modes ranging from lamps, light shades, and candles, will have a significant impact on the ambiance of your living room; they will set the scene. The lighting components of your room can complement the decorative design without being very costly.

Consider the living room arrangement
The arrangement of the living room is another crucial factor that many overlooks. A common challenge faces almost everyone, not knowing how to arrange furniture in the living room. A regular observation is pushing the sofa against one wall and some chairs against each other, and that is enough. Careful planning is involved in being a pro at arranging furniture because a lot of elements come into play like developing conversation areas, selecting a focal point, and the flow of traffic.

Choosing area rugs
It can be tricky figuring out the right spot for area rugs in your room. There are plenty of reasons why it is crucial to have them but make sure you know how to deal with them in your place since they may be a considerable trouble spot; do not buy the rugs simply because you like them. Look at the area rug size first; size is essential since a small area rug will make the whole room appear disordered. A pointer to the right area rug is the arrangement of your furniture. Ideally, every furniture in the room must be positioned on the area rug, and it should be approximately 10 to 20 inches of some open floor between the walls of the room and the borders of the area rug.

Choose the right paint colors
If there is one area that people frequently mess up, it is the paint color. Most will struggle to choose the perfect paint colors. Painting is a somewhat straightforward process at times; it may be difficult; the good thing is that it is inexpensive. Therefore, choose the more expensive items of your house first then go for a color identical to them.

Know the measurements of your space
Irrespective of the size of the room you are working on, even if it concerns furniture arrangement, window treatment or the rugs, ensure you know their complete measurements and the size of space you will want to position the pieces of furniture. It is not mandatory to keep all those measurements in mind, but having the record will guide you on subsequent plans in the future. Rules can help out a bit, but what matters the most is working out what suits you the best in your available space.